Notícias de teatro

A companhia teatral oficial de Agatha Christie, em turnê pela Inglaterra, encena O Caso dos Dez Negrinhos em Eastbourne a partir do dia 14 de abril.

TEN… A group of 10 strangers are lured to a remote island off the coast of Devon. Upon arrival it is discovered that their host, an eccentric millionaire, is missing…
NINE…At dinner a recorded message is played accusing each of them in turn of having a guilty secret. By the end of the evening 10 guests become nine… (Eastbourne Herald)

Uma produção adolescente em Lakeland, Flórida/EUA, está selecionando atores para o elenco da peça Murder by Indecision, que parodia Agatha Christie em seus anos tardios.

Age has caught up with Agatha Crispy, the world’s best known mystery playwright, as she attempts to crank out her newest and last manuscript. Senility is seeping in and the words just don’t flow like they used to. Agatha sits down to write, wrestling with her characters and babbling to her imaginary friend Typy, the typewriter. As she struggles through the first few pages of her play, her characters come to life on stage, then crumple with every balled-up page tossed into the trash can. (The Ledger)

Uma outra paródia que homenageia a Dama do Crime, Agatha Christie Made Me Do It, está em cartaz no teatro da cidade de Gastonia, NC/EUA, até 19 de abril.

Consider “Agatha Christie Made Me Do It,” the latest show from Little Theater of Gastonia, to be a cross between “Saturday Night Live” and “CSI.”
Or, as the show’s director Eleanor Wixson puts it, “a comedy with a little murder thrown in.” (Gaston Gazette)

O nome de Agatha Christie é usado numa terceira peça paródica em cartaz na cidade de Camarillo, na Califórnia/EUA.

“Agatha Christie Takes Manhattan”: In this original play, mystery writer Agatha Christie is hired to direct a new whodunit for the Broadway Theatre, but is interrupted by murder and a real whodunit of her own. (Ventura County Star)

Keith Wick plays the inspector and Missie Scheffman is Clarissa in Agatha Christie s Spider s Web at Live Theatre Workshop.Kathleen Allen escreve uma crítica positiva sobre o elenco da peça Spider’s Web, em cartaz na cidade de Tucson, Arizona/EUA.

The story takes place in an English country manor (where else?). The lady of the house, Clarissa, is a bit of an airhead but has such an active imagination one doesn’t really mind. She loves playing a game called “Supposing. . . .” Such as, “Supposing there were a dead body in the house, what would I do?” (Arizona Star)

A companhia Irving da cidade de Dallas, Texas/EUA, apresentou a peça Um Visitante Inesperado.

Lost in the fog, Michael Starkwedder stumbles into Richard Warwick’s study to find him dead and Richard’s wife Laura standing near him with a gun. Did she kill him? Another great Agatha Christie murder mystery! (Pegasus News)

Um colégio em Lee’s Summitt, MO/EUA, escolheu a peça Hora Zero para encenar e descobriu que quase ninguém mais o faz, atualmente.

“Almost no one does this play, it seems,” Stam said. “It’s extremely rare. When we do a play, we usually try to look back at past performances to really get a feel of how it should go. But we couldn’t find any record of this being done in the past 20 years. So, almost no one (in the audience) will know how it ends.” (Lee’s Smummitt Journal)


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  1. Ainda ganho na Mega e trago todos pra cá.

    Na impossibilidade, claro, de conseguir que nossos atores ensaiem adaptações brasileiras.

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