Notícias de teatro

Na semana passada não tive tempo de montar o post com as notícias sobre as peças de teatro de Agatha Christie, assim, hoje temos duas semanas acumuladas – e ainda nada no Brasil…

A companhia teatral oficial levou O Caso dos Dez Negrinhos a Mansfield, na Inglaterra, na semana de 25 de abril.

THEATRE-GOERS are in for a treat as the Agatha Christie Company showcases the highly-acclaimed production of suspense classic And Then There Were None at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal.
The play tells the story of 10 strangers who are lured to a remote island off the coast of Devon, but when they arrive they discover that their host – an eccentric millionaire – is missing. (Chad)

O elenco que atuará na peça Chimneys a ser encenada no 2008 International Mystery Writers’ Festival (ver post anterior) já foi selecionado.

The cast of Chimneys will include Chris Sullivan (Goodman’s The Ballad of Emmett Till), Larry Yando (Scar in Disney’s national tour of The Lion King), John Librizzi (who played detective Mickey Ryan in Ed McBain’s Final Curtain during the 2007 International Mystery Writers’ Festival), John Lister (The Crucible at Steppenwolf), Leslie Bevan (About Face Theatre’s Winesburg, Ohio and Wedding Play) and (in the role of the “dashing hero and romantic lead”) Tim Gregory (the founder of Provision Theater Company in Chicago). (Playbill)

Jessica Burlock as Mollie Ralston and Tim Saulnier as Detective Sgt. Trotter star in Riverview High’s presentation of The Mousetrap.Os alunos da classe de teatro da Riverview High School em New Brunswick, Canadá, encenaram A Ratoeira neste final de semana.

The small cast of eight young actors has been hard at work on this play for three months, squeezing in many hours of rehearsals during evenings and weekends. Most of them are involved in other sports, groups and part-time jobs but have made the time to work on the play.
The cast of eight includes two Grade 10 students, two Grade 11 students and four Grade 12 students. Students also serve in the role of stage managers, assistant to the director and sound/light technicians.
The set for The Mouse Trap was built by the school’s tech class. It includes several doors, windows and a mock fireplace to represent the drawing room of the country inn. Lounsbury’s has agreed to loan the production a couch, chairs and other furniture for the set. For costumes, the students went shopping at Frenchy’s and found a variety of vintage-looking suits, dresses and shoes. (Times & Transcript)

Por coincidência, um outro colégio da mesma cidade encenará a mesma peça no fim de semana seguinte.

“This is a murder mystery set in 1950s rural England at an old manor house,” Weatherbee explains. “The new heirs are a young couple who have been only married a year. They decided to open a guesthouse and on their very first day, there is a murder. Subsequently, there is a police sergeant sent out to solve the crime. (Times & Transcript)

Testemunha da Acusação será encenada neste final de semana e no próximo no teatro de Springfield, Oregon/EUA.

The cast of 34 includes Nathan Thomas as Sir Wilfrid, Alec Crisman as Leonard and Elizabeth Spiry as Romaine. Costumes are by Laura Cunningham. (Register Guard)

Já em Birmingham, na Inglaterra, A Mansão Hollow fica uma semana em cartaz.

This time, the SAT offering, opening on Thursday next week, is the Agatha Christie thriller, The Hollow, also continuing to May 17. (Birmingham Mail)


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  1. Teatro… Só sei que agora tenho “Testemunha de Acusação” pra ler, finalmente. Foi pra fila cronológica. Presente de aniversário, sabe ? 😀

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