Notícias de teatro

Em Halesowen, na Inglaterra, a companhia teatral deparou-se com um problema insólito na montagem da peça O Visitante inesperado: a falta de uma cadeira de rodas de época.

STOURBRIDGE Theatre Company is appealing for a 1940s wheelchair for its forthcoming outdoor production of Agatha Christie’s An Unexpected Guest.
Anyone able to loan a wheelchair can call Sandra on 01384 287251. (Halesowen News)

O crítico William Randall Beard publica sua resenha sobre a montagem de A Mansão Hollow em Minneapolis, EUA.

This entire production conveyed the aura of another age. In the early 1950s, a group of elegant Brits gather at a country house for the weekend. And it is so veddy British! The play evolves at a rather languorous pace, with a long exposition, slowly introducing the characters and the complex network of relationships. Add an element of romantic melodrama to the mystery and this is a very old-fashioned evening. (Star Tribune)

A encenação de O Caso dos Dez Negrinhos com a companhia oficial inglesa fica em Chester entre 19 e 24 de maio.

Few plots in the thriller genre have been borrowed as frequently as Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.
And now – the week after the author ‘appeared’ in the latest Doctor Who story! – a production of the Christie classic is coming to the Rhyl Pavilion. (Chester Chronicle)

Em Kanehoe, Havaí/EUA, O Caso dos Dez Negrinhos entra em cartaz no Manoa Valley Theatre.

Whodunit: The chilling Agatha Christie comedy murder mystery And Then There Were None opens this Friday at Manoa Valley Theatre …
Fun Fact: Agatha Christie sold more than 2 billion books, crowning her the most popular novelist in history. (MidWeek)

Uma paródia das histórias da Dama do Crime teve duas apresentações em Londres, na Nine Ashes Road, na sexta-feira e no sábado.

Set in a country estate in the 1930s, a weekend party gather for a social whirl that finishes up with bodies littering the drawing room and hall.
Putting a new slant on Christie’s love of strange names, the plot thickens as butler, Bunting, Insp Pratt and Miss Maple get to grips with the dastardly plot. (Barking and Dagenham Post)


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