O Unicórnio e A Vespa

Conforme comentamos no mês passado, a série de sci-fi britânica Dr. Who apresentou um episódio dedicado à Duquesa da Morte: The Unicorn and the Wasp, episódio 7 da quarta temporada com David Tennant. O episódio foi ao ar na BBC1 no dia 17 de maio, às 19h.

As críticas foram muito boas, eu separei algumas das que recebi por email.

It must be said, the plot of this episode does get a bit overcomplicated towards the end, but you don’t really care because you’re laughing so much.
This is by far the funniest story so far this series. David Tennant is on great form, helped along by a script that delivers a gag a minute. (BBC)

Tonight’s episode is written by Gareth Roberts, who previously wrote the pseudohistorical episode The Shakespeare Code. Writer Roberts was given a fourth series episode to explore after Swansea-born executive producer Russell T Davies read Roberts’ The Shakespeare Code script. Several months later, he received an email from the production team which said simply: “Agatha Christie”. (icWales)

And Fenella said: “When I first read the script I thought it was brilliant. It was an incredibly clever way of dealing with the missing week in Agatha Christie’s life. I think it’s got all the fun of a whodunnit.
But it’s also got all of the classic Doctor Who essentials.” (Mirror)

Roberts’s Shakespeare episode of Doctor Who last year was a triumph. The Unicorn and the Wasp (it should surely have been called Who-dunnit?) fell a touch short.
One of the programme’s jokes was that Christie thought her work was forgettable and the Doctor and Donna knew it was imperishable. (Times)

But, according to this hit sci-fi series, she was helping the Doctor save the planet from a revenge-seeking Vespiform – or giant alien wasp, to you and me.
No wonder she felt in need of a rest away from the hustle and bustle of the roaring 1920s after that. (Liverpool Echo)

The theme here was the nature of a true legend, with the Time Lord talking about why Christie never saw herself as someone who would have such worldwide impact over so many decades. She was just driven to do what she did – much like himself. (Coventry Telegraph – contém spoilers)

The first thing that struck me about this episode was how beautiful it looked, one thing that the BBC can claim is that it makes historical programmes better than anyone on the planet. The costumes, the settings and also the cars all added to the magic of this episode. (Tom’s Tardis, contém spoilers)

That’s because The Unicorn & The Wasp had things that the tepid, aforementioned Black Orchid lacked, even though they trod similar ground. A half decent plot was a good start, but also the introduction of Agatha Christie as a character worked a lot better than the previous jollies into the world of Shakespeare, Dickens and Queen Victoria. Oh sure, the script made the same old jokes, dropping hints to Christie of works that she hadn’t yet penned, but on the whole, it gelled a lot better than I was expecting. (Den of Geek – Simon Brew, contém spoilers)

With Donna relishing her role as Tennant’s ‘Watson’, it’s left to the time-lord and the authoress to investigate the alarming avalanche of murders that follow the first. Since Doc has found some clearly alien ‘morphic residue’ at murder number one, there’s no question of calling the real police in – which is handy for maintenance of the cliché. (Den of Geek – Martin Andersn, contém spoilers)

When the Doctor and Donna arrive on the scene, using the now-familiar device of the psychic paper to gatecrash the party, the humour in the script allows us to acknowledge the setting, take in the cast of characters, and satirise the genre without ever once tipping into parody. It’s all done with such an air of effortlessness that so many key pieces of dialogue slip out unnoticed — exactly as Christie herself managed in her best works. And it’s here where we get our first view of Agatha Christie herself, here played with perfection by Fenella Woolgar. Here, Christie is still a young woman, hurt by her first husband’s betrayal, the author of a mere six novels and yet to create Miss Marple or loathe Hercule Poirot. (The Stage, contém spoilers)

As a period piece, “The Unicorn and the Wasp” illustrates a romantic notion of the era and pits renowned crime writer Agatha Christie (Fenella Woolgar) against a bizarre and alien creature that resembles a giant wasp. “What are you doing with that lead piping?” opens the episode with a Cluedo-style murder mystery that The Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate) will take charge of solving. (SyFy Portal)

Sou fã de Agatha Christie desde adolescente, portanto esperei com ansiedade este episódio de Doctor Who. E não me decepcionei. Tinha todos os elementos de um bom livro de Agatha. Todo o mistério, dedução, assassinatos, e um ‘q’ a mais, que foi o toque alienígena que só o Doutor sabe nos dar. (TeleSéries – Mica, contém spoilers de outras séries)

Roteiro: Gareth Roberts
Diretor: Graeme Harper
Doctor David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)
Companion Catherine Tate (Donna Noble)
Fenella Woolgar – Agatha Christie
Felicity Kendal – Lady Clemency Eddison
Felicity Jones – Robina Redmond
Christopher Benjamin – Colonel Hugh
Tom Goodman-Hill – Reverend Golightly
Ian Barritt – Professor Peach
David Quilter – Greeves
Adam Rayner – Roger Curbishley
Daniel King – Davenport
Charlotte Eaton – Mrs Hart
Leena Dhingra – Miss Chandrakala
Alexander McDonald – Footman (uncredited)

Recapitulação do episódio (em inglês) no Wikipedia.

Parte 1 – Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcX11YMHilc

Parte 2 – Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fzvi_Y-pAk

Parte 3 – Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHj3qZM_UBI

Parte 4 – Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3ZXWqsjlls

Parte 5 – Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiTtbhhE6ck


6 pensamentos sobre “O Unicórnio e A Vespa

  1. Pôxa, eu tenho muita vontade de assistir Dr. Who, mas nunca tive a oportunidade… E infelizmente, apesar de ser teacher, meu inglês ainda não é o bastante pra assistir sem legendas… :/
    Vou ver se consigo baixar o episódio com as legendas…

    Um grande beijo…

    Ah, muito obrigada pela visita e pelo comentário, Lady Lucy Angkatell… Fiquei extremamente feliz… 🙂

  2. Oi, Stéfanie!
    Você costuma baixar séries pelo torrent? Este episódio já está disponível no site mininova.org e as legendas, no legendas.tv .

    Eu assisti ontem e só tem spoiler de Assassinato no Expresso Oriente, de resto são só referências – e a parte divertida foi caçar essas referências.

    Vale a pena!

  3. Acabei de assistir ao episódio, e realmente me diverti tentando perceber todas as referências, muito bom.

    Como nunca tinha ouvido nada sobre a série não tinha idéia do que esperar, mas eles realmente me convenceram de que ela era a Agatha e, naquele universo sci-fi, adorei a explicação que eles deram para o caso.

  4. Bel, eu também não nunca tinha assistido até sair a notícia do episódio com AC. Daí o Ulisses comentou sobre um ep da temporada passada com o Shakespeare e baixei esse, além de assistir alguns da segunda temporada no A&E.

    Do pouquíssimo que vi eu recomendo os episódios The Shakesperean Code (Shakespeare e uma referência pequena à J K Rowling), Tooth & Claw (Rainha Vitória e o diamante Koh-í-noor) e, claro, The Unicorn and The Wasp.

    Estou baixando The Unquiet Dead, em que o doutor encontra-se com Charles Dickens.

  5. Estou assistindo a série a pouco tempo.

    Eu não tive vontade de assistir pelo YouTube então comecei pela primeira temporada e só hoje cheguei a este tão esperado episódio.

    Fantástico! Os britânicos são brilhantes: criaram O Guia do Mochileiro das Galáxias, Poitor, Dr Who e uma série de outras criações maravilhosas. Vida loga e próspera para eles!

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