Notícias de teatro

Dennis Lill, pictured left, in a scene from Bill Kenwright's production of the Agatha Christie whodunnit And Then There Were None, which is at the Norwich Theatre Royal.A montagem da peça O caso dos dez negrinhos, em turnê pela Inglaterra, ficará em cartaz em Norwich de 2 a 7 de junho.

“But there’s something about the theatre. No two nights are the same. You are saying the same words but the audiences are different. Some sit there with their arms crossed and some enter into the fun,” he adds.
So, what should audiences expect from his character in And Then There Were None. The unexpected, it seems.
“Well I can’t really tell you anything about him without giving it away,” he says with a knowing laugh.
Guess we’ll have to go along and find out for ourselves, then. (Norfolk Eastern Daily Press)

Sobre a mesma encenação, de diferente fonte.

Travelling the country with a touring theatre production also means getting to return to some of the best places in Britain, he added – and that includes Norwich.
Alex enjoys the variety of touring theatre and the mixed responses of different audiences. “This play has gone down very well everywhere we have been,” he said. (Norwich Evening News)

Dall Burns, left, and June Alane Reif star in Dreamweavers Theatre’s “The Unexpected Guest,” an Agatha Christie mystery O visitante inesperado estreou em Napa, na Cailórnia/EUA, no dia 30 de maio e segue até 15 de junho.

On a foggy estate in Wales, a stranger walks into a house to find a man murdered and his wife standing over him with a gun. The woman is dazed and her confession unconvincing, so the unexpected guest decides to help her blame the murder on an intruder. When the police discover clues that point to a man who died two years previously, a Pandora’s box of loves, hates, suspicions and intrigues is opened. (Napa Valley Register)

Morte no Nilo fica em cartaz em Oakland, CA/EUA até 28 de junho.

This is one of the Christie favorites, with evildoings taking place on a steamer plying its murderous way down the Nile River for an appointment in whodunit land. The 1937 story has had a full life as a novel, a play, a film, a TV show and even a video game. (Inside Bay Area)

A peça Murdered to Death, uma paródia das obras de Agatha Christie, mal foi anunciada em Winchester, Inglaterra, e já está com os ingressos esgotados.

On a magnificently detailed set recreating the wood-panelled drawing-room of a 1930s country manor house, a motley crew of characters (all with something to hide) are assembled for the weekend. But it’s not long before the first murder takes place and the bungling police inspector (a delightfully Clouseau-esque David Cradduck) arrives to take charge. Several murders later, revelations appear thick and fast, particularly those of bumbling colonel Charles Craddock (Frank Allen on top form), and it’s ultimately left to nosy Joan Maple (Helen Dunn) to guide the evening to its wonderfully unlikely conclusion. (This is Hampshire)


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