Notícias de teatro

O crítico teatral Rohini Chaki apontas os problemas de Hora Zero, encenada em Calcutá, Índia.

When cardboard lovers become papier mâché villains, “the simple art of murder” that Raymond Chandler speaks of becomes too contrived. Theatrician’s latest production, Agatha Christie’s Towards Zero, looks slick but leaves the audience dissatisfied. Originally written in the form of a novel, Towards Zero was dramatized by Christie in collaboration with Gerald Verner in 1956. It is among her weaker whodunnits, lacking in verisimilitude, with an implausible plot, an assortment of clues that fools nobody, and a shoddy, unimaginative ending. (The Telegraph)

O caso dos dez negrinhos terá quatro sessões nos dias 13, 14 e 15 em Lincolnton, nos EUA.

Arguably one of the finest murder mysteries ever written, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is being brought to life by New York-trained director Dr. Elizabeth Peterson-Vita, and technical director, Jim Vita, in their return to Lincoln Theatre Guild to collaborate with the innovative flair true to Agatha Christie’s suspenseful intent. (Lincoln Tribune)

Dua críticas sobre O caso dos dez negrinhos encenada pela companhia oficial, na Inglaterra.

De Robert Wright:

There was quite an amazing response from the audience between acts as there was plenty of chitchat and speculation as to whodunnit.
Of course, you find yourself joining in. After all, it is all part of this type of theatre.
This play keeps you on tenterhooks, and it was a brilliant performance all round. (Norwich Eastern Daily Press)

De James Forster:

There are some periods of great dramatic tension. A scene where the surviving guests sit in candlelight convinced someone in the room is the murderer builds up the paranoia and terror very nicely. Even fetching a box of biscuits turns into a major trauma. (Norwich Evening News)

Em Pittsburgh, EUA, o espectador pode incluir um legítimo chá britânico completo na reserva da peça A ratoeira.

Director Ernie Watson says he hopes adding the British twist to the traditional meal served to dinner-theater patrons will help whet their appetites for a performance filled with mystery, comedy and intrigue.
The play is delectable in its own right. (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Chimneys será uma das quatro peças apresentadas no Festival Internacional de Escritores de Mistério, que acontece entre 12 e 22 de junho em Ownesboro, Kentucky/EUA.

“Chimneys,” an Agatha Christie thriller lost for nearly 70 years, adapted from one of her stories involving “royal intrigue, blackmail, murder and a dash of romance.” (Henderson Gleaner)


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