Notícias de teatro

Harry A. Winter, Jeffries Thaiss and Julie-Ann Elliott play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in Olney's production of "The Mousetrap." (By Stan Barouh -- Olney Theatre Center)O colunista Nelson Pressley compara A ratoeira a um queijo maturado.

Christie drew this gallery as slightly absurd, which is how Going’s cast pointedly plays it. They are meant to get on each other’s nerves, if not to drive one another to outright murder. (…)
It’s generally entertaining to watch this simple drama play out — not killer stuff, but a guilty pleasure. (Washington Post)

Convite para um homicídio foi encenada pela companhia Kentwood Players em Hermosa Beach, California/EUA.

This whodunit features the usual large list of suspects expected in Christie writings. But, the more suspects there are, the harder it is to guess who committed the crime(s). The plots are not transparent, but, at the same time, it is ghastly keeping up with the details with all those under suspicion. In reading her books (or watching a DVD), the mystery connoisseur will read and reread to grasp an understanding and catch the little innuendos leading to the arrest. This is, of course, quite impossible with live theatre. There is no instant replay. (Easy Reader)

A montagem do Caso dos dez negrinhos pela companhia oficial inglesa chega a Birmingham.

This production is set in August 1939, to coincide with the publication of the original novel. You can only marvel at the willingness with which members of the middle-class, both young and decrepit, on the brink of the Second World War would pack their bags at the prospect of a free country house weekend at the expense of a complete stranger. (Birmingham Post)

Em novembro eles estarão em Littlehampton.

Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None completes the season from November 17 to 22. In this sumptuous new production brought to you by The Agatha Christie Theatre Company, this theatrical masterpiece witnesses 10 strangers, a mysterious island and an unseen killer… (Littlehampton Gazette)

A mesma peça estará em Syracuse, NY/EUA, de 11 a 20 de julho em montagem da Oswego Players e com o título banido.

Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” plays out its mystery in a production by Oswego Players, starting July 11 at the Frances Marion Brown Theatre in the Civic Arts Building at Fort Ontario Park.
Directed by Inez Manor Parker, the mystery is the only one Christie wrote directly for the stage rather than adapting it from one of her books. (The Post Standard)


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