Notícias de teatro

O crítico Charles Shubow assistiu à mesma montagem de A Ratoeira que Nelson Pressley (v. notas da semana passada) e teve uma opinião diferente dele a respeito da qualidade da obra.

The Mousetrap began as a short story. Queen Mary, a huge Christie fan, commissioned the work in 1947 and it was initially presented as a radio play broadcast on the BBC in 1952 with the title Three Blind Mice. On October 6, 1952, after a seven-week tour, the play opened in London at the Ambassadors Theatre, later transferred to the St. Martin’s Theatre in 1974 where you can STILL see this show which is labeled as the longest running play in the world (with over 23, 000 performances). And when you see this mystery of the Olney Theatre Center, you can understand why. (Broadway World)

A ratoeira também está em cartaz em Duluth, Minnesota/EUA, até 16 de julho.

Christie, undisputed grande dame of mystery writing, infuses each of the survivors with suspicious characteristics, which Director Tom Isbell’s cast members disclose with just the right balance of subtlety and clarity. (Duluth News Tribune)

E em Ithaca, NY/EUA, até 12 de julho.

Producing Artistic Director Kerby Thompson notes that the last time CRT produced this play was in 1987 and he felt it was time for a “revival.” “This play is a classic, and it still thrills audiences through the whole evening,” Thompson says. “The amazing success of it’s 56 year run in London – and it is still going strong – speaks volumes to the excellent writing of the piece.” (The Ithaca Journal)

E em Ontario/Canadá.

It started with a scream in the dark. By the time the lights came on, a murder had been committed. The question of who did it is at the centre ofThe Mousetrap.It opened this week to a packed house of Agatha Christie fans at the King’s Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene. (The Barrie Examiner)

Em Edinburg, VA/EUA, qualquer pessoa que retirar o livro A Ratoeira receberá um ingressa para a peça homônima, ao devolvê-lo à biblioteca ou ao comprá-lo na livraria.

Wayside Theatre, in conjunction with local libraries and bookstores are providing a summer reading selection with an opportunity to see a live Wayside Theatre production this fall. The `Read a Book, See it Live` production for this year will be Agatha Christie’s `The Mouse Trap.` (Shenandoah)

O jornal Metro publicou uma mini-entrevista do ator Gerald Harper, que interpreta o Juiz Lawrence Wargrave na montagem oficial de O caso dos dez Negrinhos em turnê pela Inglaterra.

Why do you enjoy it so much?
There are two sounds an actor longs for: one is laughter and the other is silence. When some of the terrifying things in this play occur, you can hear the audience holding their breath. It’s a wonderful feeling to command an audience like that. (Metro)

Esta montagem está em Glasgow.

The programme notes evoke everything from Jean-Paul Sartre’s Huis Clois to Big Brother as the offspring of And Then There Were None, and the storm that opens Act Two does suggest Nietzschian epiphanies are imminent. It’s Christie’s merciless exposure of the guilt that lies beyond the veneer of respectability, however, that causes you rub your hands with glee at her characters’ fates. (The Herald)

O episódio do desaparecimento da Dama do Crime, que rendeu filmes e episódio de séries de TV, agora inspira a peça teatral Missing Miss Christie em cartaz em Nelson, Nova Zelândia.

It follows a little-known incident in the life of mystery writer Agatha Christie, in which life imitated art when she went missing for 11 days in 1926, only to be discovered at a spa retreat.
This sparked a situation where her husband was implicated in her assumed murder, and questions as to whether she was perhaps framing him (The Nelson Mail)

Em Nova Iorque, a peça O visitante inesperado fica em cartaz de 12 de julho a 3 de agosto no Alley Theatre.

“In dense fog near the South Welsh coastline, a stranger runs his car into a ditch and arrives at a nearby house,” explain press notes. “Inside, he finds the murdered body of a former big-game hunter. The dead man’s wife is near the body with a gun in her hand. Is she guilty or is she protecting someone?” (Playbill)

O visitante inesperado também estará em cartaz em Dudley, na Inglaterra, em Himley Hall.

The woman, Laura Warwick, swiftly admits to murder; and the unexpected guest, Michael Starkwedder, offers to help her concoct a cover story – but the plot thickens when he starts to wonder whether perhaps Laura did not commit the crime after all. (Stourbridge News)

A paródia Something’s Afoot está em cartaz em Bradford, na Inglaterra.

The play takes place in Lord Rancour’s mansion on an island in the Lake District in 1927 when a group of English upper class guests are invited for a weekend. Torrential rain leaves them stranded with the servants and the killer in their midst. (The Telegraph and Argus)

Os adolescentes têm a oportunidade de participar de uma caçada ao assassino na biblioteca Broken Arrow neste verão, em Tulsa, Oklahoma/EUA.

“Body in the Library” became more than the title of a book by Agatha Christie Thursday at Broken Arrow Library.
Teens enrolled in the library’s summer reading program participated in a “CSI”-style, two-part series. Sgt. Al Cross with the Broken Arrow Police Department talked about real crime scene procedures and real cases. (Neighbor Newspapers)


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