Notícias de teatro

A montagem de O caso dos dez negrinhos, da Agatha Christie Company, prossegue em sua turnê pela Inglaterra. Sua parada mais recente foi Oxford.

The Christie whodunnit, has been touring since January and Alex (Ferns) says it has been good fun, but he admits that he wasn’t a big fan until he took the part.
“I have vowed to read a coupe of her books while I am on holiday in France,” he said. (Swindon Advertiser)

Outra matéria sobre a estréia de Um visitante inesperado em NY/EUA, conforme nota da semana passada.

Dame Agatha Christie, the most famous creator of murder mysteries, was born in 1890 and worked as a hospital dispenser during the First World War. Her first detective novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920), introduced Hercule Poirot, the Belgian hero who was to appear in many subsequent novels and plays. (HULIQ)

O crítico teatral Tony Curulla analisa A ratoeira, encenada em Syracuse, NY/EUA.

The whole play is a solid two hours with Act 1 coming in at about 65 to 70 minutes, almost all of which is spent on exposition relative to characters’ backgrounds, reasons for being where they are, and spotting quirks and chinks in each other’s personalities. (The Post-Standard)


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