Notícias de teatro

A Ratoeira será encenada até dia 19 de julho em Ithaca, NY/EUA. Como de costume, pede-se que não revelem o nome do culpado.

Another pice of “The Mousetrap” history involves a ritual of asking the audience not to share the surprise ending. I won’t, obviously, but there are several twists, not just one — and it’s hard to say that they’re unexpected, since the story is designed to have the audience suspecting everyone. But 23,000, remember? Maybe my mom was right: asking nicely really does work. (Thie Ithaca Journal)

O escritor Dwight Hobbes convida a platéia para assistir a peça Convite para um homicídio em Minneapolis, Minnesota/EUA, em cartaz até 20 de agosto.

In the tiny English village Chipping Cleghorn, a classified ad in the local newspaper gives the exact date, time, and place that a homicide will take place. Unable to resist the mysterious invitation, a crowd begins to gather at Little Paddocks. And, sure enough, right on schedule at the announced time, the deed is done.( Twin Cities Daily Planet)


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