Autoras como Agatha

Ngaio Marsh

Ngaio Marsh

O artigo abaixo cita 10, mas eu contei 9 (até numerei)… Embora não as conheça, o texto cita como autoras que podem ser consideradas da mesma linha de mistério encabeçada pela Dama do Crime Agatha Christie:

(…) If you like Agatha Christie and need some other authors to explore whose work is written in the same era and style, here is a list of ten authors and my favorites of their work for you to sample.

1. Ngaio Marsh [foto] (also a CBE or Dame). Marsh’s detective is Roderick Alleyn of the CID and his Hastings is Detective Inspector Fox. The Alleyn mysteries are slightly newer than the Christies, but they were contemporaries. Marsh’s settings are somewhat more narrow; many of which relate to the theater. My favorites are: Clutch of Constables, Light Thickens, Killer Dolphin, When in Rome and Singing in the Shrouds.

2. Dorothy Sayers (I presume she is an OBE, but I’m not sure) Her detective is the scathingly brilliant Lord Peter Whimsey, who poses as a dandified dilettante. On the top layer, Peter Death Bredon Whimsey seems shallow and impudent. But the deeper layers reveal an almost tortured genius who is still haunted by his suffering in WWI. His valet is Lord Peter’s Hastings. I like the full length Whimseys, namely The Nine Taylors, but I prefer the short stories: The Man with the Copper Fingers, The Queen’s Square, and others in the Collected Stories of Lord Peter Whimsey.

3. Mary Roberts Rinehart is not British, but her mysteries are as lethal and eerie as the best of Agatha Christie. In fact Wikipedia calls her the American Agatha Christie. Her Nurse Hilda Adams are some of my favorites: The Haunted Lady and The Bat

4. Ellis Peters (Dame) is best known for her medieval monk herbalist the redoubtable Brother Cadfael who is one of my favorite characters. But Peters also writes crime fiction in a more modern era with her phlegmatic George Felse, CID. My favorites Felse’s mysteries are City of Gold and Shadows, Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair, Rainbow’s End and Fallen into the Pit.

5. Christianna Brand‘s Nurse Mathilda gets into some really creepy situations in her career of visiting/ live-in nurse. Her stories can be downright hair-raising murder mystery.

6. Elizabeth Peters is the nom-de-plume of Barbara Mertz. She has several hard-headed heroines that I love, but my favorite is Jacqueline Kirby in The Murders of Richard III and The Seventh Sinner. Also an American, we can forgive her because of her fabulous literary talent.

7. GK Chesterton: Chesterton is a brilliant Oxford scholar and convert to Catholicism. He has also given the world the plebeian and bumbling Fr. Brown. The mysteries of Fr. Brown are earthy, witty and aesthetic. The mysteries are fully as Gothic as one could wish.

8. Baroness Emmushka Orczy is of course best known for The Scarlet Pimpernel, but I am more partial to her series Lady Molly of Scotland Yard ( I have a daughter Molly, but that’s not the main reason!)

9. Margery Allingham is best known for her stories about the enigmatic Albert Campion. I haven’t read these with as much passion as the preceding authors, but Allingham’s work belongs in the Golden Era, and she is listed as one of the four Grande Dames of vintage murder.

Fonte do artigo:
A Guide to Similar Authors for Agatha Christie Fans

A foto de Ngaio Marsh foi encontrada neste site, onde há uma outra lista de autoras, incluindo Agatha.


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