Um Poirot perdido… e encontrado

David Suchet como Poirot

David Suchet como Poirot

Duas notas na rede falando sobre “Incident of the Dog’s Ball”, descoberto pela filha de Agatha em 2004. A primeira da Reuters, em 10.11.2009:

After more than 30-years, murder mystery writer Agatha Christie’s fictional Belgian detective Hercule Poirot will return to the United States next week.

The Strand Magazine said it will publish the 5,000-word story called the Incident of the Dog’s Ball, which was found in the attic of the author’s daughter in 2004.

The story was published in the Britain in September.

“It’s a typical Agatha Christie whodunnit,” Andrew Gulli, the editor of the Strand, said in a telephone interview, adding that it contains lots of surprises.

Pistas, pistas...

Pistas, pistas...

A segunda, da, em 12.11.2009:

Agatha Christie’s famed detective, Hercule Poirot, will make a surprise U.S. reappearance in Strand Magazine’s tenth anniversary issue, to be published next week. This Reuters November 10, 2009 announcement followed closely upon Strand’s mention of a surprise in store for for its readers of the magazine’s upcoming issue.

The new Christie publication, a 5,000-word short story entitled “The Incident of the Dog’s Ball,” was discovered in the home of Christie’s daughter in 2004. British readers saw an earlier September 2009 release of the story.


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