Décadas e décadas de A Ratoeira

Apesar do título com erro, uma matéria interessante [de 01.08.2012] sobre o clássico A Ratoeira:

In the year The Mousetrap opened at the New Ambassadors Theatre in London’s West End, the 25-year-old Elizabeth Windsor ascended the throne, wartime tea-rationing came to an end and Vera Lynn was topping the charts with Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart.

If the logic of showbiz held firm, Agatha Christie’s drawing room murder-mystery should have ended its run before an ailing Winston Churchill handed over the British prime ministership to Anthony Eden in 1955 (Christie herself expected it to wrap up after four months).

However, unlike the hundreds of victims of Britain’s gleefully murderous Queen of Crime, The Mousetrap refused to die. It has seen off many of its founding cast, including Richard Attenborough, to become the longest-running play in theatrical history.

Since debuting in 1952 there have been upwards of 25,000 performances with more than 400 actors joining the revolving-door ensemble who each night gather in the Great Hall of Monkswell Manor in the middle of a snowstorm to play out the most famous guessing game in theatrical history.

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