Agatha Christie na mídia em março de 2016

[1] O site The Globe and Mail fala, em matéria de 27.03.2016, sobre mais uma adaptação de O Caso dos Dez Negrinhos:

It’s nice that CBC is airing a three-part Agatha Christie adaptation from Britain. One wishes the public broadcaster was a little more adventurous when it comes to offering non-Canadian programming. We recently had a new adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde on CBC from over there.

But it is what it is, and this Christie adaptation is both highly unusual and a pleasure to see. Let’s assess.

And Then There Were None (CBC, Monday, 8 p.m.) is one of many adaptations of Christie’s classic novel. It has been much adapted because it is a mystery and maddening puzzle, but it is not a whodunnit. No dapper detective or amateur elderly lady sleuth turns up to sort out the shenanigans and point to the guilty person. A group of people is invited to a remote house on the coast by a mysterious host and then they’re killed off. That’s the gist.

This adaptation by Sarah Phelps shows the distinct influence of Nordic noir – the emphatic sense of gloom in place and location, the wariness of metaphor apart from nature, and a preference for plain-speaking characters who are, it seems, existing under a dark cloud of hidden guilt. A lot of that genre has aired in Britain – unlike here, take note, CBC – and is widely appreciated, so it makes sense to apply the style to Christie.

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Agatha e o Baron Hotel

Uma matéria do site Question More de 16.03.2016 com o título “Once hosting Lawrence of Arabia & Agatha Christie, Aleppo’s iconic hotel now shelters refugees” fala sobre o Baron Hotel:

(…) The hotel, situated right in the center of Aleppo next to the National Museum, used to be one of Aleppo’s tourist hotspots and Syria’s commercial hub, with a star-studded guest list. Agatha Christie wrote part of her Murder on the Orient Express on its porch, and Lawrence of Arabia and Charles de Gaulle were among its prominent guests. (…)

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Stanley Tucci: Um novo Poirot?

A notícia desta segunda quinzena de março de 2016 envolvendo a obra de Agatha sem dúvida foi a possibilidade do incrível ator Stanley Tucci ser tornar Poirot… pelo menos como desejo futuro dele. O que você acha?

Actor Stanley Tucci wants to play Hercule Poirot.

The 55-year-old star adored David Scuhet’s portrayal of Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective but, after numerous other stars have also played the character, he would also love a shot at the role.

Asked if there are anything else he wants to do in his career, he said: “Oh my God yes, Poirot! It’s a great role.

“They’re beautifully written books and it’s such an interesting role.”

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