Agatha Christie na mídia em março de 2016

[1] O site The Globe and Mail fala, em matéria de 27.03.2016, sobre mais uma adaptação de O Caso dos Dez Negrinhos:

It’s nice that CBC is airing a three-part Agatha Christie adaptation from Britain. One wishes the public broadcaster was a little more adventurous when it comes to offering non-Canadian programming. We recently had a new adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde on CBC from over there.

But it is what it is, and this Christie adaptation is both highly unusual and a pleasure to see. Let’s assess.

And Then There Were None (CBC, Monday, 8 p.m.) is one of many adaptations of Christie’s classic novel. It has been much adapted because it is a mystery and maddening puzzle, but it is not a whodunnit. No dapper detective or amateur elderly lady sleuth turns up to sort out the shenanigans and point to the guilty person. A group of people is invited to a remote house on the coast by a mysterious host and then they’re killed off. That’s the gist.

This adaptation by Sarah Phelps shows the distinct influence of Nordic noir – the emphatic sense of gloom in place and location, the wariness of metaphor apart from nature, and a preference for plain-speaking characters who are, it seems, existing under a dark cloud of hidden guilt. A lot of that genre has aired in Britain – unlike here, take note, CBC – and is widely appreciated, so it makes sense to apply the style to Christie.

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