Em inglês: Agatha Christie, o Filme

Matéria do site Den Of Geek:

Did you know that there is currently not one, but two adventure films about crime novelist Agatha Christie in development?

The more breaking news is that Columbia Pictures is working on developing a script from Tom Shepherd called simply Agatha Christie, with Roth Kirschenbaum Films signed on to produce. According to The Tracking Board , the action-adventure film is being pitched as ‘ Sherlock Holmes meets The Thomas Crown Affair’ . But starring Agatha Christie. Um, where can I sign a petition to make sure this happens?

The plot of the film would revolve around a young (because of course), adventurous Christie teaming up with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (because of course) to track down a missing oil tycoon (because of course?). Will they find him? Will they fall in love in the process? Is that giant wasp still following Agatha Christie around? So many questions.

Shepherd, the scriptwriter on the project, made quite a splash when he went from working as a waiter to getting hired by Warner Bros. to rewrite the script for Tom Hardy vehicle Cicero. This wasn’t exactly out of nowhere. Shepherd’s script for Hey, Stella, a biopic about a young Marlon Brando, made it onto 2012’s Black List for most promising, unproduced screenplays floating around Hollywood. Seems Shepherd has a knack for writing about real-life people.

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