A Casa Torta: Versão 2017 aprovada pelo The Telegraph

Quatro estrelas e um título caprichado: “Agatha Christie’s Crooked House is a sumptuous Fifties adaptation with a pleasingly contemporary feel: review”. É a matéria do The Telegraph de 17.12.2017 sobre “The Crooked House”:

Fans disappointed by the BBC’s shelving of its big festive Agatha Christie offering will have found plenty of consolation in Channel 5’s screening of a terrific new adaptation Crooked House before it goes into cinemas early next year.

We’re used to Christie mysteries being impressively cast but this was, by any standards, a star-studded affair.

Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendricks… not to mention the glamorous pair taking the principle roles, Max Irons and Stefanie Martini.

Clearly, there was a lot of money behind this elegant production that was adapted (with Julian Fellowes heading up the writing team) for the first time as a standalone mystery. Christie herself described it as “one of my own special favourites”. And it wasn’t hard to see why – the labyrinthine storyline revolving around the poisoning of a wealthy, domineering patriarch was pure Christie: a rambling country house packed with as many likely suspects as red herrings. It also featured one of her more emotionally vulnerable heroes in debonair young Charles Hayward (Irons), an erstwhile junior diplomat turned private detective.

Leia o texto completo clicando aqui.

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