Garota Exemplar: Relembrando o desaparecimento de Agatha Christie

Em junho de 2011, nosso blog A Casa Torta fez um post a respeitodo “desaparecimento” de Agatha Christie em 1926:

O desaparecimento de Agatha Christie

O Newsweek voltou ao tema em outubro de 2014, num paralelo ao filme “Garota Exemplar”:

Agatha Christie: The Original ‘Gone Girl’ and the Misleading Clues

Um trecho:

The unfaithful husband who wants a divorce. The clever, well-known wife, beloved by the ­public. The strange, misleading clues. A money belt stuffed full of cash. Headline news. Thousands of volunteers helping with the search. The sudden reappearance and the public thanks from the loving couple . . . and the lingering uncertainty about what really happened. That’s the plot of David Fincher’s American film thriller, Gone Girl. Oddly enough, it’s also what happened to Agatha Christie in real life, in 1926.

All credit to Gillian Flynn, who adapted her 2012 novel for the screen; Gone Girl is currently top of the global box office, having taken $200m in its first month. The book has been top of the bestseller lists almost since its publication, in January 2013, its readers gripped by the suspenseful tale of a disintegrating marriage and an unhappy, mysteriously-disappearing wife.

Flynn, of course, is a fan of Agatha Christie – how could she not be? Christie’s books are still third on the all-time bestseller lists, as it were, after the Bible and Shakespeare. Christie invented the first person narrator who turns out to be the perpetrator of the crime in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (…)



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